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Written by on May 6, 2019


Radio Mikayi will give news at the top of every hour allocated for news segments. These are 6am,7am,9am,1pm,4pm,7pm and 9pm Monday to Friday. News brief will be given at the top of every hour.

This will be slightly different from the weekends where the news will run at 7am,9am,1pm,4pm 7pm and 9pm. Our news will be timely, fair and objective all the time. Balance will play an integral role in our journey to seek the truth for our esteemed audiences.

Our team comprises of refined journalists, editors and news presenters. They rise to the task of gathering and disseminating information in a responsible, timely and ethical manner. To keep the audiences well informed of what goes on around them, we give in depth news reports at the top of every hour.

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