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Written by on May 6, 2019

If you should ever hop the airwaves moving from frequency to frequency, our promise is that you will not find a fresher, edgier sound than Radio Mikayi.

Our programs have their core on the vibe of the Luo nation; our shows are informative, fun and aim to set the pace. With well sampled vibrant radio personalities, we set to be the paragon of radio work. Our program code is well researched upon and brings to board a blend of seasoned and young producers bringing in a mix of experience and energy.


This will ensure we remain relevant to times with plethora of timeless experience on the backdrop of our radio production.


 Our breakfast show ‘Mikayi Kogwen’ (6am- 10am) handles issues on the economy, society and the political scene. Its witty, fast-paced, full of laughs and up to date approach makes it the ideal way of kicking off the day.


After an energetic morning program, Radio Mikayi presents a powered up mid-morning program between 10am to 1pm, tackling a range of social issues and aims to empower the society. This helps unwind from morning schedule as one prepares for lunch. This also comes with a range of topical issues and unrivaled music.


Youth programs rule the waves in the afternoon across various radio stations. These programs are intelligently fun filled, highly interactive, with appropriate degree of cockiness. with the most unique style of music format for each day – from the latest Luo Rhumba to the randy Ohangla of the new age. This program aims to create upcoming trend setters and tee them with their fellows beyond the confines of the Luo land. These also introduces the spontaneous topical issues in entertainment world and the lifestyles and a telescopic peep in the lives of various celebrities. This we do between 1pm to 4pm. 


Our evening drive then sets in. This is lined with cool benga, rhumba and the modern genre of the Luo Music. Within this segment, we have people at hang outs, recovering from the strain of the work place with their favorite drinks. This program aims to crown such moments by lining up great rhumba music alongside humorous stories to help the recover. This program runs during the sun down. (4pm to 6pm)


Family evening then sets in between 7pm to 10pm. This program aims to educate the family as a basic unit that holds together the Luo community. This program aims at discussing various issues within the family, empower it, treat its ills and sets it for the better. It is a platform that aims at telling the family stories in a way that educates, entertains, warns and empowers.The music set for this program will be traditional benga and rhumba.


After the family reflection, we set in with a slow seductive program to end the day. This looks into relationships in a close up setting and discusses content that is relevant for this time. It is going to be a relationship counselling program where listeners would open up and look into their relationships or those of others that they know. It will play music on request thus it leaves the play list in control of the listener. This runs between 10pm to12midnight.

The night then sets in for assorted selection of club edition from Radio Mikayi till 4am when the gospel program sets the listener ready for the day. This goes on till 6am when Mikayi Kogwen sets in.


The weekend is not left behind as we place in unrivalled line up. We start of the Saturday with an exclusive edition of morning express to give a recap of the whole week. Then the children’s program sets in from 9am to 12 noon. Later we cross over to the youth empowerment program that looks into the youth world through discussion on topical issues affecting them. This also comes with great music package to blend it down. From then we move to the world of sports where we offer live football commentaries from both local and international arena. This happens between 2pm to 8pm. Then we have to give a reflection on the family till midnight and that ends the day.


Sunday are ushered in through a gospel program between 6am to 10am. This nourishes the listeners spiritual life and paves way for a social program (weekend edition of the mid-morning program) between 10am to 1pm. This ushers in football analysis and commentaries between1pm to 6pm. After that we have a slot on farming that focuses on better farming methods as the Luo people depend on various modes of farming for their livelihood. This runs to 7pm. After that we have a program on politics between 7.30pm to 9pm where members of the society contribute toward political development in their area of interest. This is a program run by the listener with the presenter being the mediator. After this we have a program that reflects on various occurrences within the week to wind down the week accompanied with great music. This rocks the waves till midnight. 

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